How To Get My Wife Pregnant

If you are a male and you're thinking about becoming a father, you may be asking yourself, how do I get my wife pregnant? When a pregnancy occurs due to a couple's birth control failing, it can make getting pregnant seem easy. As soon as that same couple makes the decision to start a family, they can never seem to get pregnant fast enough. Here is a sure-fire way for any healthy male to get his wife pregnant.

  1. Give your sperm an extra boost. Start by upping your water intake as you should be consuming two quarts a day without fail. Drinking adequate amounts of water will increase the volume of your ejaculations. Snack on pumpkin seeds and raw sunflower seeds daily, until pregnancy is achieved. Also snack on cashew nuts and almonds. Keep these snacks in your bedroom and any other room where you spend a lot of time. Adding seeds and nuts to your diet will increase your sperm and its mobility. Wear boxer shorts instead of briefs, this will also keep your sperm count high.
  2. Give your libido an extra boost. Supplement your diet with maca root. Maca will boost your sexual desire and performance, both of which you are going to need in order to get  your wife pregnant. Maca will also help increase your sperm count.
  3. Have more sex. Sperm can remain active in a woman's fallopian tubes for about three days. You and your wife must have sex at least once every two days to be sure there is a constant presence of active sperm in her fallopian tubes for her to get pregnant. Allow your wife to relax in bed at least fifteen minutes after each lovemaking session to allow those millions of active sperm to go to work. Use this time to cuddle and think about the possibility of her being pregnant.

Tips: Be patient, especially if your wife has recently stopped using birth control, as it may take her body up to three months to return its normal cycle of ovulation. Be sure to save your ejaculations for conception only, no masturbation.

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