How To Get Naked Fast

Everyone needs to know how to get naked fast. Maybe the date went better than expected. Maybe you just don't have a lot of time. Or maybe, you just want to hurry up before she changes her mind. Either way, it is important to learn how to get naked fast and make the most of the experience.

You will need:

  • a situation that requires you to get naked fast
  • clothes to take off


  1. Start at the top and work your way down. If you are wearing a hat, toss it into the corner quickly. It should take less than a second to begin the process of getting naked fast.
  2. Get the shirt off. Whether it has buttons or not, quickly pull it over your head. If you are wearing an undershirt, you should be able to pull them off simultaneously. If it is a real emergency, you can rip the buttons and just tear the shirt off to continue getting naked quickly. If nothing else, it really does have an interesting effect on women.
  3. Take off your shoes. Because you shouldn't need you hands to do this, try to remove the shoes while taking the shirt off. Use the toes on one foot to press against the heel of the shoe to take it off and continue with the other side. When it comes to getting naked fast, you need the socks off to be naked.
  4. If you are wearing socks, hook your thumbs into the back of your socks and peel them off. They will end up turned inside out, but you will have plenty of time to turn them the right way later. If you aren't wearing socks, you just saved a lot of time on your plan to get naked fast.
  5. Pants or shorts can be pulled straight down. If you are lucky, the undergarments will come off at the same time. If you have to undo a belt, that may set you back a little. Consider using one hand to get the belt undone while doing any of the above activities.
  6. If you have on a watch or necklace to be removed, that would be the final step. Any type of accessory that can get in the way of the activities that you have planned should be removed.

At this point, you have been able to figure out how to get naked fast.

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