How To Get The New Car Smell In Used Cars

Do you want to know how to get the new car smell in used cars you are selling? Want to give the people who buy your cars the feeling of new car smell? Below are some simple things you can do to achieve this.

  1. You first need to get the car detailed from the inside. Before you put any new car smell inside a used car make sure that the smell matches how the car looks on the inside. It is about the entire experience, not just the smell of how a new car smells. After you take the car to a auto detail shop, the car will be first vacuumed and then wiped down clean in every crack and crevice you can think of. Once this is done then the inside of the car will be shampooed  thoroughly. You will be given a choice on what type of scent you want to be sprayed in the car, this is when you choose the scent of "new car" from the person detailing. 
  2. Remove old car upholstery and replace it with new upholstery. Go to a place that does auto customizing and have them replace all upholstery in the car to new. This will get most of that new car smell back into a used car instantly once it has been installed. if you want a more long lasting affect, this would be the best option to take. Sure it will cost you some good money, but if you really want to recapture the new car smell your ride once had, then you seriously have to consider it.



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