How To Get A New Social Security Card

Losing important documents can be frustrating, so make sure you learn how to get a new Social Security card if yours goes missing. We all need our Social Security cards for important reasons. We need them for jobs, proof of identity, loans, and many other reasons. So, if you have lost yours, get a new Social Security card in five easy steps. It is absolutely free.

  1. Gather all of your information. Be sure to have everything you need before attempting to replace your Social Security card. You will need to have your Social Security number to get a new card. It is a must. So, if you do not already know it by heart, then get hold of it some kind of way. You would also need you State ID and/or a birth certificate, depending on which state you reside in. Everything else is information you should already know off the top of your head, like your full name and your parents' full names.
  2. Visit a social security office. Usually there will be a security guard or staff person asking why you are there as soon as you walk in. Let them know that you are applying for a replacement Social Security card. Ater that, they will ask you to take a number to hold your place in line.
  3. Fill out a new social security card application. You need to fill out a social security card replacement application. Fill out ALL the information needed. Do not leave anything blank unless it does not apply to you. That way you will not get the runaround. Also, review your application twice to make sure all information is correct.
  4. Wait for your time to turn in your application. Wait your time to be seen by your place in line or your number. Be sure to not take any cigarette breaks or go anywhere for extended amounts of time. Most social security offices will only call your number one or two times. If you are not present, they will skip over you. Then, you would have to take your place at the end of the line.
  5. Turn in your application and show identification. Once its your turn to be seen, show the representative your State ID and/or birth certificate. Let him review your application. Usually, he will use the computer to insure all of your information matches the provided Social Security number. That is why it is important that you have all of your information correct. If all information is correct, he will give you a receipt. All Social Security cards are mailed out, so do not expect to get it in the same day. Note that every U.S. citizen is only entitled to three social security cards per year and ten per lifetime.

Reference: Emergency Zone

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