How To Get To Oasis in Fallout 3

Learning how to get to Oasis in Fallout 3, while difficult, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do throughout Bethesda's epic RPG. After all, Oasis is home to the only foliage in the game, not to mention an emotional quest, interesting characters, and maybe even a perk. Obtaining Oasis's map marker, however, is no small task, and while there are multiple ways to find Oasis, each path will challenge the vault-dweller in its own particular way. Some of the various ways to locate Oasis are:

  1. Kill the Drifter – This is probably the easiest way to obtain the map marker for Oasis. Travel to the Dickson Tabernacle Tavern and kill the Drifter squatting inside. The map marker for Oasis is in his inventory.
  2. Leave it up to random chance – It's also possible to simply happen upon the location of Oasis; while wandering the Wasteland, you may encounter a sick travelling merchant who will give you the location before dying, or you may run into a wandering—presumably lost or banished—resident of Oasis, who will give you the map marker before attempting to kill you. There's also a chance that you'll run into a group of Wastelanders fleeing from a Deathclaw. If you help them out and kill the Deathclaw, they'll thank you with the map marker for Oasis.
  3. Use your map and locations you've already found –   For vault dwellers who prefer tradition over convention (and murder, for that matter), Oasis can be easily located by using some of Fallout 3's major locations and your compass. From Vault 101, for example, head almost due north and eventually you'll reach Oasis in Fallout 3. Be aware that starting from Vault 101 will result in a lot of walking, but its the one location in the game you're certain to know from the beginning. For those a bit further into the game, Oasis can be found by heading north-northeast from Paradise Falls—if you pass the Montgomery County Reservoir and Broadcast Tower LP8, you're on the right track. Perhaps the easiest way to locate Oasis, however, is by heading east from Vault 92 and Old Olney. If you choose to take this route, it's recommended that you start from Vault 92, especially if you're lower level, as Old Olney is crawling with Deathclaws.

So, there you have it. By using any of the strategies above, you should come across the location Oasis at some point during your travels in Fallout 3. Keep in mind, though, that it still might be hard to find, even if you have its location on your map. Fallout 3's entrance to Oasis is cleverly hidden in a mountain range, and missing the small path that leads to the gates could easily happen.

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