How To Get An Offensive Charge In Basketball

Not everyone knows how to get an offensive charge in basketball. A charge is called when an offensive player is deemed out of control by the referee and makes contact with a defender. Teams that are undersized tend to rely on drawing several charges a game, which can be a great momentum changer. However, trying to draw a charge often backfires on defenders because they are out of position, move their feet or fail to fall down. Follow these tips and you will be successfully frustrating opponents and changing the game in no time.

  1. Anticipate where the offensive player is moving. You must be aware of your opponent's habits and tendencies. This is one of the reasons drawing a charge is so difficult. You must beat the offensive player to the spot they are going to be. Your predictions should be based on what your opponent has done during the game.
  2. Get into position. It is imperative that you beat the offensive player to the spot that the charge is going to happen. If your opponent is driving to the basket, be sure to position yourself several feet in front of the basket as referees are less likely to call a charge if you are standing directly under the hoop.
  3. Plant your feet. Once you get into position you need to plant your feet and keep them still. The second you move your foot you will be called for a foul. Both your feet need to be rooted firmly on the ground.
  4. Square up to the offensive player. Your chances of drawing a charge will be much better if you keep your feet, hips and shoulders square to the offensive player. Many players turn their bodies at the last second and end up being called for a defensive foul. Stay square and absorb the impact of the collision with your chest or your forearm.
  5. Keep your knees bent. It is much easier to take a hit and fall down if you have your knees bent.
  6. Fall on your butt. It is not enough to just stand there and get run into by an opponent. You have to sell it. Fall backwards onto your rear without moving your feet.  
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