How To Get Oil Out Of Suede

There are a couple of things you can do if you need to know how to get oil out of suede. With a couple of household items and some patience you are on the right road. These two are definitely not friends, and here's how you can keep them apart and get oil out of suede.

What you need to get oil out of suede:

  • Clean rags
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Suede brush
  1. Get a professional. The first thing you should always remember is that there are professionals out there that can do this for you. They have the knowledge and the products to safely clean anything out of suede, even oil. This will cost you some change though.
  2. Do it yourself. You can attempt to remove oil from suede yourself. This may not be a guarantee, but it is the best option next to a professional cleaner. You don't have to get rid of your favorite suede garment after all.
  3. Go to the kitchen cupboard. Find some white vinegar or baking soda. Both should work equally as well. You are only going to need a very small amount when you are dealing with suede. Too much of any product will definitely discolor and ruin the material.
  4. Apply the product directly on the oil spot. Using a rag, blot the spot with white vinegar. It ay take a few minutes of blotting, but the vinegar will break up the oil and lift it from the suede. If you chose baking soda, sprinkle it on the oil. Add a drop of water to the soda and blot it with a clean rag. With either product the oil will come out of the suede.
  5. Remove the product from the suede. Take a clean rag and dampen it with cold water. Blot the product off the suede with the wet rag using your hands. Repeat this with fresh spots on the rag a few times to get the suede clean. The oil and the cleaning products should be off the suede now.
  6. Dry the suede. Take another clean and dry rag. Pat dry the wet spot until it is thoroughly dry. You will have to do this for a few minutes to ensure that you don't create a water spot.
  7. Bring back the nap. Now that your oil stain is gone and your suede is clean, you probably have a flat spot in your suede. After the suede is dry use a suede brush and brush the flat area to bring back the nap. You can get a suede brush anywhere they sell suede for a very low price.
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