How To Get Oil Stains Out Of Polyester

Unless you know how to get oil stains out of polyester, you might think oil stained polyester is ruined forever. Polyester is a fabric that is very easy to take care of; However, one of the downsides of polyester is that it attracts oil which can be a challenge to remove. Learn this easy method to get oil stains out of polyester with a few household products. Before using this method be sure to look at the care label instruction.

Things you will need…

  • Scraper or dull butter knife
  • Typewriter fluid
  • Two sheets of paper towels
  • Typewriter fluid thinner( Do not use Liquid Paper thinner)
  • Small sponge
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Grease cutting liquid dish washing soap.
  1. To get oil stain out of polyester, paint oil stain with typewriter correction. Let dry completely on oil stained polyester. When completely dry, typewriter fluid will start to look crackled.
  2. Place stain side of polyester on two layers of paper towels. Always work from the back to get oil stains out of polyester.
  3. Sponge back of the polyester with typewriter correction thinner. Use enough typewriter thinner to soak a corner of a sponge-approximately one teaspoon. Dab the oil stains until soaked with typewriter thinner. Avoid excessive rubbing as it may harm the polyester fibers.
  4. Let sit for one minute.
  5. Turn fabric over and remove dried typewriter fluid to get oil stain out of polyester. Gently pick off dried typewriter fluid with scraper.  Take your time so that you do not make holes in the polyester. The dried typewriter fluid should come off easily.
  6. Rinse treated oil stains on polyester with alcohol. Pour one tablespoon of alcohol directly on oil stain to remove the typewriter thinner on polyester.
  7. Rub a tablespoon of liquid dish soap into stains. Scrub between hands to remove the cleaning solutions out of polyester.
  8. Rinse polyester with water to take out all liquid dishwashing soap. Always make sure dish soap is rinsed out of material prior to laundering in a washing machine. Washing machines are not designed to use with high suds detergents such as dish washing soap.


For additional information on how to get oil stains out of polyester visit the University of Missouri on line Home Center –

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