How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

How to get out of the friend zone with the woman you like takes extra work. She might see you only as a brother, and when a man hears that he will always be that platonic brotherly type of friend, it can go on forever as long as he allows it. Raise your game a little and become the man she wants to date rather than the one she runs to for gossip.

  1. Stop listening about her last boyfriend and take action. Often when a man is in love with his female friend, he has to endure all the details about her lingering feelings for an ex while you provide her with Ben and Jerry's ice cream for comfort and watch a chick flick to crack a smile on her face. Turn yourself from one of the girlfriends and get out of the friend zone by using the opportunity to your advantage. This works greatly if her last man was a jerk so remind her that she is better off without him and that she needs a man who truly cares and loves her with all her faults. Use hints that the guy she deserves is around and that she just does not realize it; she might figure out what you are saying; if not, continue trying to her win her heart.
  2. Be assertive. A man who is a friend with a woman will be one for eternity and the biggest mistake is waiting for the right time to make a move. Unless she is dating or married, you will have to get out of your shell and express your feelings to your lady friend. The worst thing she can say is no and turn a great relationship into awkwardness; and if she says yes, the friend might have had a romantic attraction to you all along.
  3. Be dateable. Looks are very important when it comes to dating and women; it is not a requirement to look like a hot actor to score with women but a man who has good fashion sense and a nice hairstyle will make your friend do a double take. If you are dressing homely, no woman will give you a second look so get a little makeover with clothing, shoes and hairstyle. A little fix up can do wonders about a man's looks.
  4. Let your personality shine. Now you are probably thinking, “if I have a bad personality, she would not be my friend”, and you are right. If you have a talent like writing a poem, do not be afraid to reveal that part of yourself. If you have any natural talent where it can lead to a situation of being more than friends, use it to your advantage.
  5. Flirt and compliment. Most women don’t have a clue when their guy friend really likes them so turn it up a notch and do a little flirting and teasing with her; playfully wrestle with one another or give a compliment that she looks lovely and beautiful. These subtle hints may lead to more than just being friends.
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