How To Get Out Grass Stains In Baseball Pants

There is a question that every baseball player is sure to face, "Where can I learn how to get out grass stains in baseball pants?" One diving play in the infield or outfield grass and suddenly there is a monster streak of green in the middle of a nice white pair of baseball pants. Here are some sure fire ways to erase grass stains on your baseball pants that will leave them looking as good as new.

Supplies you'll need:

  • Fels-Naptha or pre-treatment solution
  • White vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • High-powered detergent
  • Washing machine
  1. Pre-treat the baseball pants. Before ever stepping foot on the field, pre-treating the pants will go a long way to help remove grass stains on baseball pants. Before putting the pants on, wipe a layer of Fels-Naptha soap or pre-treatment solution over the pants. This will help stop the stain from setting in.
  2. Try a little white vinegar. In the spirit of an "old wives tale,” certain people swear by using white vinegar and an old toothbrush. Pour a little white vinegar on the stain and scrub it gently with the toothbrush. This will help lift the stain before washing.
  3. Allow the pants to soak. In order to remove grass stains on baseball pants, it’s wise to let the pants soak in cold water. The cold water will help lift the stain before washing.
  4. Wash the pants in cold water. Add a high powered detergent to the laundry load and wash the pants. It’s important not to wash the pants on warm or hot water because that might make the stain set.
  5. Repeat the wash cycle. Sometimes stains are nasty enough to stick around. If this is the case, simply use the white vinegar and soaking and washing method again until you remove grass stains on your baseball pants.
  6. Allow the pants to air dry. Throwing baseball pants in the dryer will set dirt and grass stains. Always hang baseball pants to dry to get more use out of them during the season.
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