How To Get Out Of Gym Contract

In order to get a lower price for gym membership, most people enter into gym contracts that last for two years on average, but what if you need to know how to get out of a gym contract? Many gyms do offer month to month memberships, but charge a hefty sign up fee and charge more per month for this type of membership. The problem with contracts is that no one can predict the future. You may find down the road that you no longer want to be a member of the gym you are contracted with. There are a few ways to back gracefully out of your gym contract.

  1. Buyer's Remorse – Almost every state has a period of time in which you can exit any contract without penalty according to the law no matter what the contract states. Most states allow three days after signing the contract to back out. If you have buyer's remorse, simply contact the gym and tell them. They are legally obligated to rescind the contract. You can get out of a gym contract by stating you have buyer's remorse.

  2. Pay the cancellation fee. Most memberships have a cancellation fee that you can pay if you want to exit the contract. This is by far the easiest way to exit if you have passed the buyer's remorse time. One thing you may want to consider if your contract is nearing the end is if the cancellation fee is larger than the balance of the contract. If the remaining fees you would be charged for membership are less than the contract cancellation fee, just finish paying out the membership and cancel your gym contract.

  3. Doctor's orders. Most gyms will release you from a contract if you become physically unable to exercise. To have the gym contract declared null and void for injury or illness, you will need to provide proof from a doctor in the form of a statement explaining why you are unable to exercise and for what period of time you will be affected. In order for this to work, it needs to be a lengthy recovery. Getting the flu will not get you out of your gym contract. Breaking your leg might.

  4. Move. If you move to a city that does not have a location of the gym you have a contract with, providing proof of the new address will most times result in cancellation of the gym contract. Sometimes there is a small fee for this cancellation. Many times there is not.

  5. Be deployed. If you are being deployed for the military will allow you to cancel your gym contract. Present a copy of your deployment orders that show where, when, and how long you will be gone to vacate the contract. This information is included on your deployment orders.

You can get out of your gym contract. You just need to communicate with your gym. Some gyms offer plans in addition to these. You just need to ask.

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