How To Get Out Of Sprint Contract

Sprint customers often wonder how to get out of a Sprint contract. While the question of how to get out of a Sprint contract looms, there are very few solutions. The easiest method to get out of a Sprint contract is to wait for an increased charge. In both 2009 and 2010, the regulatory charges increased with Sprint providing a clear solution for Sprint customers to get out of a Sprint contract. Customer service representatives with Sprint are advised to allow customers out of a Sprint contact with no early termination fee for the reason of increased charges.

  1. Find a valid reason. Find a valid reason to get out of a Sprint contract. Check to see if any charges have recently increased including regulatory charges or if the terms and conditions have changed. Check to see when the last one occurred and educate yourself on it. If a charge is about to change in the near future, wait for that charge to get out of Sprint contract.
  2. Call customer service. Call the Sprint cancellation department directly at 888 567-5528. Avoid calling the regular customer service number to get out of a Sprint contract; you will need to speak to a cancellation representative.
  3. Explain the situation. Explain the situation to the representative, and adjust the truth as necessary. Tell the representative that the reason you want to get out of the Sprint contract is because of the rate increase. Express extreme dissatisfaction for the rate increase and point out that it is your reason for wanting to get out of Sprint contract. If the last rate increase was more than thirty days ago, then act as if you didn't realize it was permanent and make the representative believe you are just noticing.
  4. Ask for a supervisor. Ask for a supervisor in a polite manner if the cancellation representative denies letting you get out of Sprint contract. Explain your case to the supervisor and ask to file a claim and have your account noted. Wait for them to let you out of your contract without any early termination fees.


Don't be afraid to re-word the truth; it may be necessary to get out of a Sprint contract.

Be polite and courteous; cancellation representatives will be much more willing to help you get out of Sprint contract when you are polite.

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