How To Get Over Affair With Sister In Law

If you have made the mistake of having an affair with your brother's wife, you need to learn how to get over the affair with your sister-in-law. If you don't have the right strategy for getting over an affair, your life can be destroyed. You might feel you will never get over the affair, but there is hope. Follow these steps to get over an affair with your sister-in-law.

  1. Apologize. Apologizing is the first step in getting over an affair with your sister-in-law. You need to apologize and tell your sister-in-law that you having sex with her was a mistake and you are sorry. If your sister-in-law is your brother's wife, you also need to apologize to your brother. When you apologize, you need to be sincere. Even if your brother doesn't accept your apology, it is important for your own well being that you apologize.
  2. Get counseling. Getting professional counseling can be big steps towards getting over an affair with your sister-in-law. Getting professional counseling can give you neutral third party perspective on your affair with your sister-in-law. A good counselor will also be able to give you tips and techniques on getting over an affair.
  3. Keep a journal. Keeping a journal might sound like a crazy idea, but it can actually be helpful in getting over an affair with your sister-in-law. You need to write down a few thoughts that you have about your affair at least once a day. It doesn't matter what you think, you just need to write it in your journal. Writing in your journal will help you relieve pent up feelings you may be having.
  4. Take a break from women. If you had an affair with your sister-in-law, you obviously have not been making good decisions regarding women. Taking a few months break from women will give you time to reflect on your decision-making process. Use this time to really think about what you want out of your next relationship. By the time your break from women is over, you will have a new outlook on what you want out of a relationship.
  5. Talk to other people who have been in the same situation. After an affair with you sister-in-law, you might feel like you are the only person in the world who feels like you do. However, there are other people that have been in the same situation you are in. You can do an internet search to find chatrooms or forums for men who have had affairs with their sister-in-laws. Talking to other people who have been in your situation will help you feel like you are not alone.
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