How To Get Over Attraction To Female Coworker

You want to know how to get over attraction to female coworker, because you have a major crush at work. You need to redirect your thoughts and emotions away from the one for whom you have an attraction. Try the tips below to take your mind off of her.

  1. Avoid your crush. Take a different route around the office to avoid her desk. Sign up to work on projects with people other than her. If it’s necessary to work with your female coworker, send businesslike emails, rather than seeing her in person . Act very, very professionally and businesslike around her.
  2. Find some negative traits your female coworker possesses. For example, maybe she has an irritating laugh, or perhaps she gossips a lot. Dwell on the negatives by picturing her bad traits every time you start thinking about her. Picture your crush picking her nose if you have to. That will help you to get over your attraction.
  3. Go out with somebody else who is attractive. Enjoy dating new people. If you already have a wife or girlfriend, pour all kinds of love and attention on her. Get a flame started anew.
  4. Pursue your hobbies. Have an adventure doing something you’re passionate about. Spend time painting, or gaming, or motorcycling. Take a vacation trip. This helps you turn your attention to exciting things other than your female coworker.

If these tips don’t work as quickly or as well as you’d like, remind yourself that your attraction to female coworker will pass with time.

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