How To Get Over Bashful Bladder Syndrome

Learn about how to get over bashful bladder syndrome to be comfortable wherever you are. Bashful bladder syndrome is the inability to urinate when other people are around. The medical name for bashful bladder is paruresis. Paruresis difficulty ranges from being uncomfortable urinating when another person or persons are present, like in a men's room, to full-blown inability to urinate anywhere but at home.

To get over bashful bladder, you will need:

  • Acceptance that others also have bashful bladder
  • Attitude adjustment
  • Professional help
  1. Realize you are not alone. One of the easiest ways to get over bashful bladder syndrome might be to realize that other men also suffer from paruresis. You are not the only one. Sometimes knowing this is enough to help you start thinking differently. More than seventeen million Americans suffer from bashful bladder. And nine out of ten people who seek treatment for bashful bladder are men.
  2. Adjust your attitude. Everyone has to pee. Men and women alike have to urinate or pee. It's part of life. Holding it is not healthy. It's nothing to be embarrassed about or to feel bad about doing in a men's room. Knowing that most causes of bashful bladder are in the mind is the first step to thinking differently and remedying this bathroom habit problem.
  3. Get professional help. Sometimes the best way to deal with a fear is to go to a professional. Talking with a therapist is an excellent idea if you can't get over bashful bladder on your own. You may have had something happen to you as a child that brought on your fear of urinating in public or away from home. Get help to get over bashful bladder syndrome so that being in public is easy.  
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