How To Get Over Being Dumped

Learning how to get over being dumped can be really hard and can also have a huge, crushing impact on your self esteem. There are some people that take getting dumped extremely hard and it can affect every aspect of their lives. Do not let that happen and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some ways to get over being dumped and to start feeling better about you.

  1. Get support from family and friends. This is very important, especially anyone who was around when you had the relationship. It is always easier when there is someone on the outside looking in and they are able to point out examples of why you may actually be better off without the person who dumped you.
  2. Find a hobby. Doing this will not only get your mind off being dumped, but will make you feel as though you are really good at something. Having a hobby is good for anyone, especially when your mind wants to focus on something hurtful and bad.
  3. Get a pet. Pets have been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. They show unconditional love and want your attention constantly. Having a pet could make you feel wanted and needed at hard times.
  4. Join a singles group. There are many people who are trying to get over being dumped, just like you and they join singles groups. This is a way to meet new people and maybe even find another significant other.
  5. Exercise. Try something relaxing like yoga, or if you are filled with anger from being dumped, do kickboxing or hard cardio. This will not only help you get over being dumped, but will make your healthier in the long run. Exercise has shown to reduce stress and keep the mind healthy and happy.
  6. Cook!Yes, cook! Cooking is a great way to get your mind of anything negative, such as being dumped, and if you can follow a recipe, you will have a delicious outcome! Celebrate by having family and friends over for a four course meal.
  7. Think positive. There is nothing more powerful than positive thinking. Surround yourself with positive people are get involved in positive activities; this is one of the best ways to get over being dumped.

Learning how to get over being dumped can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Do one or all of these things and you are bound to recoup in a fast and timely manner. There will be someone better who comes along, but you have to make room in your life for that to happen. As long as you are depressed and wallowing in the realm of what happened, there is no room for positive to happen. 

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