How To Get Over Cheating Girlfriend

Understanding how to get over a cheating girlfriend can be rough. This is a time when your emotions can take over, and it might be difficult to focus on anything other than your cheating girlfriend. However, with the right strategies and a positive outlook, you will be able to get over her.

  1. Don’t blame yourself. When you get cheated on, sometimes it’s tempting to try to figure out what you did wrong. It’s more likely that you did nothing wrong and the relationship just didn’t work out. Instead of telling you how she felt, your girlfriend decided to cheat instead. To get over your cheating girlfriend, it’s important to keep your self-confidence and avoid attacking yourself.
  2. Cut off contact. Do not contact a cheating girlfriend or the guy or guys she cheated on your with. This will not help you get over it. No matter how much you want to, avoid all contact, including phone calls, text messages, email and even posts on social networking sites. In fact, delete your cheating girlfriend from your phone, address book and social networking sites and block her if possible.
  3. Let yourself grieve. Take time to get your life together, but don’t forget that it will take time to get completely over it. You have to grieve the loss of the relationship, as well as the anger, pain and sadness of getting cheated on.
  4. Avoid the rebound. It could take months of getting over a cheating girlfriend before you’re ready to trust someone again. If you start dating a new girl right away, your trust issues after being cheated on will come through and sabotage your new relationship.
  5. Be careful when you drink. When you have a few drinks, this is one of the easiest times to revert when getting over a cheating girlfriend. Your anger or sadness might drive you to call or text her or even try to go to her house. Ask your friends for help on this one. Give a friend you trust your phone and arrange for a designated driver so there’s no risk of you showing up at her door drunk and crying or yelling, which would be a real setback when getting over her.



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