How To Get Over Fear Of Physical Intimacy

How to get over fear of physical intimacy is common in many relationships, fear of sexual acts, or non-sexual gestures such as kisses and hugging can be overbearing for men with this serious problem. Intimacy is important in a romantic relationship and without it, can have consequences and causes a partner to leave. This problem can be treatable and in time, can go away.

  1. Face your fear. The first step to get over fear of physical intimacy is facing it. Think of the reasons why you are afraid to become physically connect with your partner. Most of it stems due to a traumatic experience from childhood or adulthood that causes the fear of intimacy. Whatever it may be, get to the root of the problem so you can deal with it.
  2. Speak to a counselor. Make an appointment with a counselor so she or he can guide you in the ride direction getting over your fear of intimacy. Sometimes people bury deep thoughts and experiences they fear to reveal to others; speaking to a professional counselor can help you dig deep subconsciously to get rid of any negative experience in your past so you can enjoy intimacy with your partner.
  3. Have a supportive partner. Often a person who is sympathetic and understanding of your fear can help you defeat your struggle. Talk it out with your partner and the reasons you are afraid of becoming intimate. Gradually make an effort to become comfortable and once embrace intimacy, you can give yourself freely.
  4. Realize your experience does not reflect the present. It can be bearing on your partner when their man is not intimate. While your girlfriend/wife should care and understand your struggle, you must in return realize you are dealing with a very different person and situation and that might be a blessing in your life rather than an obstacle. When you let someone in, you are going toward the right direction in becoming less fearful of intimacy.
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