How To Get Paid To Test Pharmaceuticals

Many people have questions about how to get paid to test pharmaceuticals. Do people really do this? Is it safe? Will I grow a third eye or breasts? Yes, people really do get paid to test pharmaceuticals. Here, we will explore how you can get in on these tests. The best way to ensure your safety during a clinical trial is to find one that is backed by the federal government. These drugs and products have already been extensively tested. Also, if you end up being severely harmed, the researchers will lose their funding and be in serious trouble. They do not want this to happen, so they will make every effort to keep you as safe as possible.

  1. Find tests in your area  All tests with FDA approval are listed at Go to this website. Click on the link that says "search for clinical trials". Then click on the "advanced search" tab. Where it asks for a search term, type in "healthy"; unless you have a medical condition you would like to find studies for. Select "open studies". Enter the state you live in, and up to two states you would be willing to travel to. Enter your gender, your age, and any other information you wish to use to narrow your search. This will give a list of studies that fit you.
  2. Pick a test  Once you press the "submit" button, there will be a list of open studies in your area that fit your preferences. Click on the blue name of any study that looks interesting to you.
  3. Read the test details  On the page for each individual study is all of the information you will want to know. Read about the goals of the study and how it will be conducted. You may be required to take a certain medication or treatment, or just a placebo. You won't know which group you are in, so prepare for potential side effects. Find out if it will require an overnight stay, a longer stay, or no stay at all.
  4. Fit the inclusion criteria  Usually, these are not too stringent. This is what you have to fit to qualify for the test. Most are just gender and age requirements.
  5. Know the exclusion criteria  The exclusion criteria are very important. If you fit any of these, DO NOT participate in the study. This is for your own safety. The money is not worth risks to your health.
  6. Contact the person in charge of recruiting  Contact information is near the bottom of the page. There will be a name along with an email address. You can ask this person about compensation, along with any other questions you have about participating in pharmaceutical tests. If you still think this is the test for you, this person will help you register, and tell you what you need to do.
  7. Get a physical  Most pharmaceutical tests will require you to have a physical done before you can participate. This is to check for any health problems you may not know about. It is very important to be healthy before testing pharmaceuticals. This is another step to help ensure your safety.
  8. Participate  This one varies by test. You will be given participation information when you register. Usually, this involves taking either a test drug or a placebo (you won't know which you get), and a stay of at least one night. During your stay, you will have several exams to see how you are doing. Report any funny symptoms. Most facilities have TVs and games available, so you will have something to do.
  9. Get paid  This one also varies by test. You may be mailed a check, receive a direct deposit, or pick up the check before you leave the testing facility.

You won't get rich testing pharmaceuticals, but it can help pay the bills. The drug you test may be able to help a lot of people with a particular disease or condition, so you are getting paid to help others. What could be better than that?


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