How To Get Paint Out Of Polyester

Once you know how to get paint out of polyester, you'll know what to do the next time you have a painting accident. Paint spills are really not as bad as they look provided you take immediate action. Most paints today are latex paints. This means that they are water soluble. Spilled paint will clean up easily off of hard surfaces with just a bit of water; however, removing paint from a porous fabric like polyester is different because paint soaks into the fibers. This sounds complicated, but in reality all you need is a common household product to help get paint out of polyester.

To get paint out of polyester, you will need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol, one eight-ounce bottle 
  • A scraper or dull butter knife
  1. Wash wet paint with water immediately. Never let a paint spill dry on polyester or you will never get the paint out of polyester. Wash the wet paint off of the fabric by holding it under running water to remove as much paint as possible. You may have to scrub a little to get all of the paint out.
  2. Pour alcohol on the remaining paint stain. Use alcohol only if there is remaining paint on the polyester. To remove small paint spots, use one tablespoon of alcohol. If the paint spot is large, use enough alcohol to cover the surface of the paint spill. Let the alcohol soak into the polyester for one minute.
  3. Scrape off any remaining paint from the polyester. The alcohol makes the remainder of the paint come to the surface so you can easily get the paint out of polyester. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any remaining paint stains from polyester materials.
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