How To Get A Part Time Job At The Ritz

Want to know how to get a part time job at the Ritz? Getting a job, even a part time job at the Ritz, can be a stressful and rewarding experience. The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain is world renown for their upscale venues, and exemplary customer service.  Anyone looking to get a part time job at the Ritz has to be prepared to give the utmost care, and courteous service to all of the guests at all times.  This means it is expected that you will do whatever a guest asks, when they ask for it. Fortunately, attaining a job at the prestigious hotel is rather uncomplicated, as long as you have the qualifications.

To get a part time job at the Ritz you will need:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Resume
  1. Find a Ritz-Carlton location near you. In order to obtain a part time job at the Ritz, you must first determine that there is one of their hotels in the area you are looking to work. This hotel chain is not in every city, nor is it in every country. They are very selective about where they place a hotel, due to the upscale clientele that they cater to. The easiest way to determine if the company has a hotel in your area is to visit their website and see where they are located.
  2. Fill out an application. The Ritz-Carlton application is like most others in that they ask for previous work experience, education and references. There are, however, some essay portions to the application. This is the first step in the screening process and should be done online at the Ritz-Carlton’s corporate website.
  3. Participate in a telephone interview. Once your application and resume are accepted, you will be contacted for a telephone interview. This interview is a critical part of the hiring process and even those looking to get a part time job at the Ritz have to go through it.  Make sure that you are giving them your complete and undivided attention during the interview, and answer any questions honestly and professionally.
  4. Schedule the job interview. Once you pass the phone interview, you will be called for an initial meet and greet or interview depending on the position. During this time you may be asked to bring in an essay about customer service. This is common procedure at the Ritz and helps them to select people that are extremely customer service oriented and how you will fit into their organization.
  5. Schedule the final interview. The final interview is often a panel interview conducted by other Ritz-Carlton employees. This gives current employees the opportunity to judge whether or not you would make a good fit in their organization.  Do not be afraid of this type of interview.  You have impressed them enough that they are considering you for their company, and this will help not only them, but you as well. This way you can see what the Ritz-Carlton employee standards are, as well as they can ensure you will fit right in.
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