How To Get The Perfect Chest

If you're a normal guy, you'd probably like to know how to get the perfect chest. After all, strong pecs are a symbol of masculinity and strength and are considered to be one of the elements of a good fit body. Most of us don't look like the shirtless guy on the cover of our significant other's romance novels; most of us prefer pizza and TV to push ups and health food, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you want to look more like the chiseled, muscular model with the perfect chest, it can be done. The key is to put down the remote and replace the pizza with push ups. Use the following guide and get results toward getting a perfect chest.

  1. Do wide push ups. Push ups of any kind are a good chest workout, and a great overall exercise. It's important, however, to understand the areas that different types of push ups have the most impact. Regular push ups impact the triceps and deltoids more than the chest, but wide push ups put a lot more pressure on the pecs making them a perfect chest exercise. To perform, hands should be out to the sides a few inches further than shoulder width, and fingers should be pointing forward. In this position the chest muscles are used more to complete the push up because with the arms outstretched the shoulders can't compensate for weakness in the chest. After a few reps of wide push ups, the burn is noticeable in the chest and less in the arms.
  2. Do chest flys. These are a strong chest exercise that can be done different ways, each very effective. These can be completed by using weights, machines, or rings. The wight method involves beginning in a reclining position and grasping two dumbbells, at your sides, and bringing them together at chest level while keeping your arms straight. This movement keeps the pressure on the pectoral muscles for moving the weight. Machines allow for them same movement but substitute cables for free weights. Ring flys are a less common but very effective method for performing chest exercises. This method involves using gymnastic style rings which utilize important stabilizer muscles. To perform these challenging exercises begin by supporting your upper body on the rings in a standard plank position. As you lower yourself down like in a push up, slowly stretch your arms out to the sides until your hands are even with your chest. Slowly bring the hands together while pushing up so that they meet directly under the chest with arms straight.
  3. Do cardio and ab work. It doesn't matter how strong your chest muscles are, if you have to much upper body fat you won't look muscular and you won't have the perfect chest. 
  4. Do more push ups. Seriously, this is the core of truly great fitness programs, and if you want to get the perfect chest, push ups are an invaluable resource.
  5. Work hard. Perfection is not easy, and to get the perfect chest, countless hours of hard work and dedication are required. Through a combination of all of the above, however, a perfect chest can be a reality.  
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