How To Get Perfect Game On Wii Bowling

Learning how to get a perfect game on Wii Bowling can not only be fun, but can make you look like a pro as your friends question how in the world you got so good. The interesting thing is that it's not entirely difficult to learn to bowl a perfect game on Wii bowling. It requires a little bit of practice and some patience to get a strike with each frame, but it can be done. Use these steps to bowl a perfect game on Wii Bowling each time you play.

  1. Stand directly in front of the television set no more than ten feet away. Stand no less than five feet from the motion detector on top of the television. If you are too far the motion sensor won't work properly, and if you are too close it can not pick up the full range of movement.
  2. Move your character to the right using the D-pad at the start of each frame. Look at the dots on the floor where you character is standing. You will need to place the dotted red line directly between the second and third dots on the floor (from the right side).
  3. Hold the Wii remote directly in front of you and press the "B" button. Pull it back swiftly towards your thighs and then fling it forward with a scooping motion. It's very important to make sure you are lined up with the center of the television and motion sensor or your ball will bowl crooked.
  4. Repeat this with each frame. You want the ball to end up just to the right of the front pin. Practice until you can get a strike on each frame.

Always ensure that the Wii remote is securely strapped to your wrist. Otherwise you could end up accidentally letting it go and breaking something, or worse, injuring yourself or your friends.

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