How To Get PGA Media Credentials

Interested in how to get PGA Media Credentials? Here are the steps you need to take in order to secure PGA Media Credentials for any tournament. Keep in mind, it is a pretty exclusive club to work your way into. Golf journalism is one of the toughest beats to crack into these days because of the raging popularity of the sport, and the PGA tour doesn't just give out media credentials to just anybody.

Here are the steps you need to take to get PGA Media Credentials.

  1. Get a job in sports journalism. This is by far the most important, and probably the hardest to do, given today's media climate. Work for a newspaper, a magazine, a website, or television/radio.
  2. Register with the PGA Tour media. You can do this, or your editor/supervisor can do it for you. Step-by-step information as to what to do can be found on the PGA Tour's website.
  3. Request credentials for the tournament/tournaments that your outlet will cover. This is also done once your registration with the PGA Media website is approved. Just because you are approved for the PGA Media website, however, does not mean that you will be approved for credentials to a tournament. They only issue a certain number of credentials to each event, and recognized media outlets are given higher priority.
  4. Network. Most individual tournaments have a separate media contact person who is independent of the PGA Tour. It wouldn't hurt to send them correspondence and let them know you are interested in covering the event. They can help walk you through the necessary steps for approval.
  5. Shoot for smaller, lower profile events. This applies if you aren't working for a national media outlet that covers golf regularly (such as a golf magazine). There are very few newspaper people who travel from tournament to tournament anymore, but most tour stops always have local sports reporters from the newspaper there, and sometimes even a couple of different reporters.  You are more likely to get credentialed for an event like the Wyndham Championship than you would be The PLAYERS Championship, for example, unless you were writing for a National publication.

Once you are approved, you will enjoy excellent access to golfers and the resources of the PGA Tour media relations staff.

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