How To Get Pokemon On An iPod Touch

Pokemon fans may be wondering how to get Pokemon on an iPod Touch. Getting Pokemon to play on an iPod Touch is a simple process and will require a jailbroken iPod Touch. There is no official application for a non-jailbroken iPod Touch that can run Pokemon. If you have a jailbroken iPod Touch, the process will require a little technical knowledge, some free-time and a passion for Pokemon. Links to both the emulator and ROM files will not be supplied as they are constantly changing and are generally looked down upon.

To get Pokemon on an iPod Touch, you will need:

  • A jailbroken iPod Touch
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A wireless home network or USB cable for your iPod Touch
  1. Download gpSPhone. Download gpSPhone to play Gameboy Advance games on an iPod Touch. Using gpSPhone, it will be possible to open Pokemon ROM files on the iPod Touch, allowing you to play Pokemon on your iPod. Download and install gpSPhone by searching for it from Cydia.
  2. Download the ROM files. Download ROM files for the Pokemon games that you wish to play. Locate ROM files by searching on the internet. Save the ROM files to your desktop on your computer to copy them to the iPod Touch.
  3. Connect your iPod to the computer. Use the USB cable to physically connect the iPod to the computer. Use a wireless connection with WinSCP to connect instead of a USB cable if you would prefer. Download and open WinSCP, type in the IP address of your iPod Touch and press connect. Use the default username "root" and password "alpine" to log in.
  4. Copy the ROM files. Navigate to the folder "/private/var/mobile/" in WinSCP. Select the folder "Media." Select the folder "ROMs" and then select the folder "GBA." Copy the ROM files to this folder using WinSCP.
  5. Copy the GBA BIOS. Copy the GBA_BIOS file to your iPod Touch. Find the GBA_BIOS file on the internet by using a search engine. Remember, the GBA_BIOS file is required by gpSPhone to play Pokemon on the iPod Touch.
  6. Play Pokemon! Disconnect the iPod Touch from the computer. Launch gpSPhone on your iPod. Select the Pokemon game from the list of ROMs. Enjoy playing Pokemon on your iPod Touch!



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