How To Get Police Car Lights On Operation Flashpoint

Learning how to get police car lights on "Operation Flashpoint" is quite easy. "Operation Flashpoint" is a hardcore tactical military video game for PC or gaming systems. This first person combat game has realistic detail such as the physics of the game and the make of the weapons. There are fully functioning features that "Operation Flashpoint" has, including the ability to drive police cars, but you must first know how to get the police car lights turned on in the game.

To get police lights on "Operational Flashpoint" you need:

  • "Operation Flashpoint" game
  • computer
  • Internet access
  1. Download the police mod. For the police cars and lights to work you first need to download the police mod for "Operation Flashpoint".
  2. Copy the files to the "Add-ons." Unzip the mod for "Operation Flashpoint" and copy the "Add-ons" files to the directory.
  3. Open a new game for "Operation Flashpoint". You will now see police cars on the streets of the game. Select a police car to activate by opening the "User Action" menu and then select "Mount."
  4. Activated the police lights. Click within the police car once more to open the "User Action" menu, and then select the "Siren on" menu option. The police car sirens on "Operation Flashpoint" will turn on and the lights will begin to flash. The sirens and lights will remain active until you turn them off.
  5. Deactivate the police lights. To deactivate the police sirens and lights, go into the "User Action" menu and select "Siren off."
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