How To Get A Prince Albert Genital Piercing

Are you interested in how to get a Price Albert piercing? The Prince Albert genital piercing is the most common type of piercing among men. This piercing can improve the pleasure you experience during sex with your partner. Read on to learn about how to get a Prince Albert piercing.

  1. Find a reputable salon. The first thing you should do is some research to find a good salon that performs Prince Albert piercings. Make sure that the salon is clean and sanitizes all of their piercing equipment before each piercing.
  2. Pick out a ring with a ball closure for your Prince Albert piercing. The ring used for this piercing is larger than those used for other body piercings. The man or woman piercing you will let you know the recommended size for the initial ring. But after your piercing has healed, you can change the jewelry.
  3. Use ice to numb the area before you get the piercing. A lot of men choose to use ice to numb the area prior to getting the piercing. Note that the pain involved is mild and will most likely only last a minute or so.
  4. Next, allow the piercer to perform the piercing. The ring is inserted underneath the head of your penis and exits your penis through the urethra (the opening that urine and semen comes out of).
  5. Get a copy of all aftercare instructions. There are a few things you must do to protect the piercing from getting infected. The salon should give you instructions on how to clean your piercing as well as the activities you should avoid until the area has completely healed.
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