How To Get PRL 412 In Resident Evil 4

If you're trying to find out how to get the PRL 412 in Resident Evil 4, then this guide may prove to be very helpful for you. For those of you who don't know, the PRL 412 is a special hand cannon which you can take advantage of in the video game "Resident Evil 4." It comes equipped with two settings, which are stun and kill (similar to the phaser in "Star Trek"). The PRL 412 also comes equipped with an infinite amount of ammunition. However, there is only one way to actually obtain the PRL 412 in Resident Evil 4.

To get the PRL 412 in Resident Evil 4, you will need:

  • A Playstation 2 console
  • The Resident Evil 4 video game
  1. Complete all of the Resident Evil 4 game in professional (pro) mode. In order to obtain the PRL 412 hand cannon in Resident Evil 4, you must complete the entire game on professional mode (a.k.a. pro mode). That is the only possible way to get it; beating the game on normal mode is not enough.
  2. Save the completed game after beating it on professional mode. Once you have completed the entire Resident Evil 4 game on professional mode, you must remember to save the game so that you don't lose it. It's important to do this before proceeding to the next step, where you will actually equip yourself with the PRL 412.
  3. Go to your briefcase to obtain the PRL 412. After you have completed all of the Resident Evil 4 game on professional mode and saved your progress, the next step is actually obtaining the PRL 412 hand cannon itself. This is done by going to your briefcase/inventory when you go to load a new game; you will see the PRL 412 in there waiting for you.
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