How To Get A Pro Ball In Wii Bowling

By putting the following methods to good practice, you will learn how to get a pro ball in Wii Bowling. Every time you play a hand of Wii bowling, you are awarded a certain amount of points based on your overall performance.  Once you get to 1,000 points, you are considered a pro bowler, and are given a pro ball in the process.

  1. Start the game in practice mode before moving onto the main Wii Bowling series. The best way to get a pro ball in Wii bowling starts with practice. Get to know your motion style to see what works for you, and determine which habits should get kicked to the curb.
  2. Know when to make a throw. To help you get a pro ball in Wii bowling, the player must become familiar with the bowling ball's behavior. Typically, the sooner you let go of your bowling ball, the more likely it is to curve. Determine which approach you would like to take, as this move can either make or break your entire game.
  3. Use every available positioning option. With the help of your Wii remote, press the "A" button to manually adjust the angle at which the bowling ball will be thrown. Once you have a locked position, the bowling ball should go straight to your desired destination, so make it a good one. Learning all the available positioning options can take time to get used to, but this is among the best ways to learn how to get a pro ball in Wii bowling.
  4. Never face the middle pin head-on. The quickest way to get a pro ball in Wii bowling is to get consecutive strikes. To accomplish this, always position your bowling ball slightly to the left or right of the middle pin, allowing for the ball to brush off the edge of it. As a result, this will cause a better balance in which all pins interact with each other, allowing for a greater chance of achieving a perfect score.

Warning: Once you get a pro ball in Wii bowling you can lose it should your score fall below the required 1,000 points.

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