How To Get Prolonged Erection

Knowing how to get prolonged erections can bring not only extra pleasure to the male, but to his partner. Quick or pre-mature ejaculation or loss of erection during sex can bring a sudden or undesired end to a passionate encounter. These actions may leave the partner disappointed and unsatisfied. There are a few steps you can follow to prolong erections and increase the time spent intimately.

  1. Try numbing agents. The first step in prolonging erection is to apply a numbing agent to the penis. Several available products, including those intended for use during anal sex to decrease pain, have agents which dull the sensitivity. These products should be applied well in advance of sexual contact. You might want to use them as part of the foreplay, letting the partner rub and massage them into the penis, focusing on the head and base area. If the scrotum of the male is extra sensitive, apply a bit of the product to this area as well.
  2. Exercise the penis. If the numbing agents have little or no effect, the next step in prolonging erection is to exercise. Most men already wiggle the penis in a waving motion intentionally. Many do not realize that by intentionally exercising the penis in this manner can actually prolong erection. The male should do at least 100 penis "push ups" from the standing, sitting and laying position daily.
  3. Stopping during the action. Another step in prolonging erection is a stopping technique. When the male feels the need to ejaculate, place the 2nd and 3rd finger under the penis at the base when the penis meets the scrotum. Place the thumb at the upper base when the penis meets the abdomen. Squeeze the penis to stop the orgasm. The erection will return quickly with continued intercourse.
  4. Masturbation. The final step in prolonging erection is to practice. Masturbate slowly. When the urge to orgasm comes, stop and wait for the feeling to pass. Resume masturbating and repeat the action.
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