How To Get PS3 Remote To Work

Have you ever looked at that unused pile of remotes, gaze warily at your Playstation 3, and wondered how to get PS3 remote to work?" Of course you have. Even though the Playstation 3 is an amalgamation of techno-babble and electronic wizardry, setting up a PS3 remote control is actually quite simple. In just a few minutes, even you can be skipping to the good parts of a Blu-Ray movie with your PS3 remote instead of the regular controller like a champion. In order to accomplish this monumental task, you will need:

  • A Playstation 3
  • A Playstation 3 controller
  • Batteries
  • A PS3 remote
  • A wireless connection hooked up to your PS3 or a PC hooked up to the Internet
  1. Turn the Playstation 3 on and get to the main menu.
  2. Update your PS3 with the latest firmware. If you have a wireless connection hooked up to your Playstation 3, you can do this by going to the "System" tab, clicking "System Update," and then clicking "Update Via Internet." If you do not have a wireless connection, you will have to transfer a file you can download off of the official Playstation 3 website. You can use any acceptable form of transferable media to do this, such as a USB thumb drive.
  3. Sync the Playstation 3 remote to the system itself. From the main menu, use your already synced PS3 controller to navigate to the "Settings" tab, click on "Accessory Settings," and click "Register BD Remote Control." Go through the given instructions. After this, your Playstation 3 remote should be working perfectly.



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