How To Get A Raspy Voice

Wondering how to get a raspy voice that sounds alluring and sexy? You don’t have to settle for the voice you were born with. In fact, you were born with a range of voices, but your body naturally levitates to the middle range. It’s up to you to train your voice to do what you want it to do. The silver screen actress, Lauren Becal, became famous for her sexy, raspy voice, a voice she had cultivated especially. You too can learn how to get a raspy voice and maintain it overtime, until your natural voice becomes a deep raspy voice. Here’s how.

  1. Get a raspy voice through range limitation. If you could train yourself to speak at the lowest tone natural to you, you will get the raspy voice you desire. But, this feels artificial and straining. However, with exercise, you can grow comfortable with speaking in a raspy voice. Begin by saying a word in the lowest tone you can manage. Say it ten times, concentrating on how it feels. Then read a whole sentence in this deep, raspy voice. Repeat the sentence ten times. Then, read a whole paragraph in this deep raspy voice, and repeat it ten times, until your throat becomes accustomed to pronouncing the words in a deep, raspy voice. Make this voice exercise a daily routine and overtime, you will get a raspy voice.
  2. Get a raspy voice by screaming. Though it sounds ridiculous, if you need to get a raspy voice quickly as for a special occasion, you can do so by screaming. Go to a mountaintop or secluded park; somewhere out of hearing of others. Then, literally scream your soul out again and again. Bring a hot drink with you to warm and soothe your throat, and keep screaming. You will soon see that your vocal cords have been strained into producing a raspy voice.
  3. Get a raspy voice through breathing exercises. As breath travels through your larynx  it affects the sound of your voice. You can get a raspy voice overtime by training yourself to breathe in a way that will condition your vocal cords. Take a deep breath and hold it in for five seconds, then release the air slowly and very loudly, breathing out a deep sound like the word “HA.” You will feel your lungs emptying heavily and your voice straining. Repeat this exercise for twenty minutes every day and overtime, you will get a raspy voice.

You can also get a raspy voice from laryngitis, but getting sick hardly seems like the best way to get a raspy voice. Slow voice training by exercise will get you the sexy, raspy voice you want for a lifetime.

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