How To Get Red Dirt Out Of Baseball Pants

When it comes to knowing how to wash a baseball uniform, the question that can leave you scratching your head is how to get red dirt out of baseball pants? Whether the dirt got caked into the pants making a diving catching in the infield or scoring the winning run at home, it seems that once red dirt gets on baseball pants, it’s nearly impossible to get out. Well here are some tips on how to get red dirt out of baseball pants every time.


To wash a baseball uniform, you will need:

  • Baseball pants with red dirt stains
  • Fels-Naptha soap
  • Oxi Clean
  • Washing Machine
  1. Pre-treat the baseball pants. Use the Fels-Naptha soap, get red dirt out of baseball pants by pre-treating them. Simply wet the bar of Fels-Naptha soap and rub generously across the red dirt stains.
  2. Place the baseball pants in the wash and add detergent. To get red dirt out of baseball pants, place them in the wash with the correct amount of Oxi Clean (or strong detergent) for the size of the load.
  3. Wash the baseball pants. To get red dirt out of baseball pants, wash them on a cold wash cycle and then check their outcome before drying.
  4. Repeat the process until stains come out. For stubborn red dirt stains in baseball pants, this process may need to be repeated two or three times until the stains come out.
  5. Dry the pants. Once the stain has been successfully removed, the pants are now ready for the dryer or clothes line. Voila! You have now learned how to get red dirt out of baseball pants!


  • To get red dirt out of baseball pants, pre-treat them even before game time. Moisten the Fels-Naptha soap and gently brush it across the pants. Allow them to air dry before putting them on for game time. The pre-treating will avoid the stain setting.


  • Remember to get red dirt out of baseball pants, they cannot be dried in the dryer. The drying action will set the stain. To avoid stain setting consider always air drying the pants.



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