How To Get A Replacement TiVo Remote

Knowing how to get a replacement TiVo remote can save you the energy used of getting up and walking across the room to the device. Replacement TiVo remotes will cost a little cash, but think about the energy you are conserving while sitting on your sofa.

  1. Check eBay for a replacement TiVo remote.  There are many credible sellers on eBay that sell replacement TiVo remotes. Before purchasing from any seller on eBay, check out their rating and reviews. Avoid purchasing from a seller with negative reviews and a low rating. You may end up paying for a less than superior product.
  2. Contact TiVo directly to purchase a replacement remote. By purchasing from the manufacturer directly, you have the assurance of a warranty and a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. TiVo even offers refurbished replacement TiVo remotes. TiVo can be reached either online or by contacting their customer service at (877) 289-8486.
  3. Check Amazon for authorized sellers of TiVo replacement remotes. There are numerous sellers on Amazon that have new and used replacement TiVo remotes. As with eBay, avoid sellers who have a low rating or negative reviews.
  4. Purchase a TiVo replacement remote at an electronics store. Many electronics stores and discount stores offer great deals on replacement TiVo remotes. You can even purchase a warranty in some stores to cover your purchase.

Another option you may want to consider when you are searching for a replacement TiVo remote is your warranty. If you purchased a warranty with your device, you may be able to get a replacement TiVo remote under your warranty.

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