How To Get Rid Of Bees In Home Walls

Do you hear the buzzing and need to learn how to get rid of bees in home walls?  Bees living in your homes walls can become out of hand really quick. Bees find their way into your walls and the next thing you know you will have them inside buzzing around in different rooms. There are a couple different ways to rid your homes walls from bees. Read on to find out the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of bees in your home walls.

  1. Call an exterminator. For many homeowners an exterminator is the best option. Homes that have an over population of bees inside your home walls may need more than just bee spray to rid their home walls of these insects. Call different exterminator in your area to find out who has the best options for riding your home walls from bees.
  2. If the infestation  is just one nest of bees such as wasps. Pull the wall open and spray the nest with wasp spray. Be sure to do this at night time when the bees are asleep. This ensures you kill them and then can go back and take the nest out.
  3. Foggers can get rid of bees in home walls. Make sure no one is at home. Open a small area inside your wall. Set off fogger and leave home for about four hours. When you return open all windows to allow ventilation.
  4. Bee traps are another great way to trap bees in your walls. Place a trap on the wall the bees have made a nest. Close wall back up tight. Wait for a couple days and open the wall again. The bees should be in the trap. Take to another location in the woods and let them go.

Repair Tips After You Have Rid Your Home Walls Of Bees

  • Once you get rid of the bees in your home walls, repair damage. Any damage done by the bees needs to be corrected and re-insulate  your walls to ensure safety  in your home from more bees.
  • Repair holes that may have been drilled in your home walls by the bees. This may include putting up new framework, paneling or even sheet rock. Depending on the type of walls your home has.

Bees can be a bothersome problem for many. Learning how to get rid of bees in home walls is your first step in controlling the problem. 

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