How To Get Rid Of Crabs

Need to learn how to get rid of crabs? Having crabs can be a very embarrassing situation, one that you may not want to visit a doctor to rid yourself of. Crabs are parasites that attach themselves to the pubic hair around your genitals and feast off the blood and dead skin. Crabs are big enough to be seen by the naked eye. So if you experience intense itching that is not calmed with a little scratching, you may have an infestation of crabs and the only way to find out is to take a look down there to see what’s going on. You maybe a little freaked to see those creepy little bugs crawling around on you. Crabs are pretty harmless aside from the annoying itching. You don’t have to have sexual intercourse to get crabs. Just genitals rubbing against one another can pass the crab louse, as well as dirty linen, but don’t worry here are some way to get rid of crabs.

What you will need:

  • Lice shampoo/RID
  • Nix comb
  • Trimmer/razor
  • Benadryl cream
  • Benadryl antihistamine
  1. Trim or shave off pubic hair. It’s not necessary for you to completely shave off all the hair from around the genitals; a quick trim would be sufficed, whatever your preference may be. The crabs will be easier to get rid of with shorter pubic hair.

  2. Lice Shampoo. Purchase a shampoo that removes lice, with the main ingredient malathion and lindane. Use according to the directions on the box. Shampoos with these ingredients in them will get rid of the crabs.

  3. Purchase a Nix comb. If you don’t have your own personal bamboo to probe through your pubic hairs to remove the crabs, then you will need a nix comb a fine tooth comb, to comb through the pubic hair. The nix comb with remove the crab eggs and loose crabs that wasn’t killed by the Shampoos or ointments.

  4. Use Benadryl cream for the itching. The Benadryl cream can be used to relieve the itching. There is also the Benadryl antihistamine that can be taking orally, but you should consult with your doctor or local pharmacist before taking anything by mouth.

  5. Change sheets daily. Until you have rid yourself of the crabs, change your sheets daily to kill any crabs or eggs that may have fell off in the linen, to prevent the crabs from reattaching themselves to you.

  6. Bathe daily. Take a bath at least once a day while continuing to use the lice shampoo.

  7.  Flea and tick powder works as well. If you have a dog or cat with flea or tick powder, you can sprinkle a little of that down there, as it will start to kill the crabs. You can use that until you able to pickup something more appropriate for killing the crabs.

Until you are completely rid of the crab lice, avoid any sexual or physical contact. Avoid excessive scratching, it’s possible to break and damage the skin, making the healing time longer.



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