How To Get Rid Of Cramps While You Run

Learning how to get rid of cramps while you run is a very useful skill that runners of all abilities should understand. In order to avoid cramps, runners must take certain precautions before and during the run. Here are a few tips that should help the average runner get rid of cramps.

Before the run:

  1. Don’t eat: Running on a full stomach restricts the diaphragm, which can lead to cramps. Running on an empty stomach is a simple way to get rid of cramps while you run.
  2. Stay hydrated: It is not a good idea to chug a gallon of water before you head out, but staying properly hydrated will help you avoid the occasional cramp.
  3. Stretch: Stretching before and after you run will help runners avoid all sorts of injures and complications, including cramps.

On the run:

  1. Breathing: The first step you can take to get rid of cramps while you run is to control your breathing. Take long, slow, deep breaths and try to establish a steady breathing rhythm.
  2. Remedy 1: This method works best for experienced runners that (due to a race or serious training) do not want to stop running. Slightly slow your pace and raise the arm on the side of the pain. While still running, stretch your arm over your head, away from the cramp. Maintain a steady breathing throughout this process. This method is a great way to get rid of cramps while you run.
  3. Remedy 2: For less serious runners seeking to get rid of cramps, a brief stop may be a better option. While maintaining steady breath, stop and bend over at the waist Inhale deeply and then forcefully exhale while contracting your abdominal muscles. Repeat as necessary until thr pain subsides, then start running again, slowly at first, until you gradually regain your full stride.


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