How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas

One of the biggest questions from dog owners is how to get rid of dog fleas. Fleas and dogs seem to go together, but that is not the way it has to be. Unfortunately, not only do fleas live on your dog, but your dog can bring the fleas into the house. Once the fleas are in the house they will find you and your family makes a good meal. Fleas leave intensely itchy red bumps on humans they bite.  You can successfully get rid of fleas on your dog and in your house.

You will need:

  • Flea shampoo
  • Vet approved flea treatment
  • Dried crushed lavender
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Vacuum
  • Flea powder
  1. Give your dog a flea bath to kill fleas. The first step in treating a dog flea problem is to treat the dog first. You can either buy flea shampoo and bathe the dog yourself or contact a local groomer and let them give your dog a flea killing bath. Special shampoo is used to kill fleas, but not harm the dog. These shampoos are available in pet stores.
  2. Ask your vet about oral flea treatment and flea treatments that are put into his coat. Choose the best one for your dog based on the vet's recommendations. Oral flea treatments as the name indicates are given by mouth to your dog or there are flea treatments that are applied to the dogs skin to repel fleas.
  3. Wash the dog bed in very hot water and dry on the highest heat safe for the material. If the bed cannot be washed, throw the bed away and get a new one. Hot water and dryer heat will kill fleas and their eggs.
  4. Place dried crushed lavender or a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bedding to repel fleas. Lemon essential oil also works to get rid of dog fleas. These natural remedies are effective flea repellents and will not harm your dog.
  5. Vacuum your house thoroughly to suck up the fleas. As soon as you are finished vacuuming, discard the bag or empty the vacuum cup outside because the fleas will just crawl back out of your vacuum. A helpful little tip: Buy a flea collar, cut it up and place it in the vacuum bag to kill fleas.
  6. Sprinkle flea powder on carpets and allow to sit overnight, vacuum up the flea powder in the morning. Make sure to sprinkle under furniture for best results.

Treat fleas on your dog as soon as possible. Early treatment can stop an all out infestation in your house. It is much easier to treat fleas before they become a problem than after they have invaded your house. Choose one or more suggestions to keep Fido flea-free, not to mention your house too.



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