How To Get Rid Of Dryness During Intercourse

Wondering how to get rid of dryness during intercourse? Dryness in the vagina affects women of all ages. However, it frequently effects women who are going through the stages of menopause. Having sex with a woman who becomes dry can become painful. These problem can be treated with personal lubrication.  

To get rid of dryness during intercourse, you will need:

  • Personal lubricants
  • Condom (extra lubrication)
  1. Use personal lubricants to get rid of dryness during intercourse. When the vagina becomes dry from intercourse it can be an unpleasant experience. The absence of natural lubrication will be uncomfortable for both participates during sex. Add personal lubricants that can be brought over-the-counter to provide a enjoyable experience. Avoid using products that are greasy, such as petroleum-based substances because they can absorb moisture from the vagina.
  2. Stop using products that cause vaginal dryness. Douches that clean inside the vagina are the main culprits of causing discomfort during intercourse. Vaginal soaps halt the vagina from producing natural lubricants. Other products that cause dryness during intercourse are: deodorant and scented soap, deodorant tampons and condoms. When your using a condom, choose one with extra lubricant to avoid dryness during intercourse.
  3. Have happy sex. If a woman is in a stressful environment, it makes her unhappy. Talk with your partner to help relief any tension she may have. Help her out with any household chores or work related stress. You want to get her relaxed enough to where she doesn't have to worry about what stresses her.
  4. Take time to unwind for intercourse. If you think your woman has a problem of being dry all the time, the problem could be you causing it. You have to wine and dine a woman, she's no longer a teenager, where she can get instantly wet. Introduce foreplay before intercourse, to get her in the mood. Foreplay includes the following: touching, kissing, talking, fondling and oral sex. Make sure to take your time during foreplay, to get her excited enough to have intercourse.
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