How To Get Rid Of Extra Menu Bars

Learning how to get rid of extra menu bars is very simple. Whether it is in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome it only takes a minute. To some people these menu bars are very helpful.  Menu bars provide a way for you to get to frequently used functions. Some people like to have more view space and want to get rid of extra menu bars. This guide will show you how.

  1. In Internet Explorer 7 and 8 to get rid of extra menu bars you click on tools in the upper right corner. Click on menu bar and the menu bar will disappear. You would do the same thing if you want the menu bar back.
  2. In Firefox to get rid of extra menu bars download the hide menu bar extension. Click on tools then select "addons". In the "addons" window select browse all addons in the top right of the window. In the next screen search “hide menu bar”. You will see a list of addons. Look for the hide menu bar addon and add it to Firefox. You will need to restart Firefox after you add the addon.
  3. In Opera click on Tools at the top of the screen. Click appearances and click toolbars. Uncheck “menu bar” and click OK.
  4. To get rid of extra menu bars in Google Chrome is easy. They don’t have any!

That’s all there is to it. Of course, to get the menu bars back you would do the steps above but this time choose the menu bar.

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