How To Get Rid Of Fret Buzz On A Guitar

It's important to learn how to get rid of fret buzz on a guitar. If you're playing a guitar and all anyone can hear is that awful buzzing sound coming from your instrument, it just isn't going to sound good at all. In fact, it can be pretty embarrassing. Luckily, it's very easy to get rid of fret buzz on a guitar. All you need is a little bit of guitar knowledge and some practice. Strong fingers don't hurt, either.

To get rid of fret buzz on a guitar you will need:

  • A working guitar
  • Strong fingers
  • Practice
  1. Make sure you're pressing down in the correct spot: Your fingers should be pressing the string down directly in the middle of the fret. The closer you are to the actual fret lines dividing up the spaces, the worse. Get that finger squarely in the middle of the fret to help get rid of that annoying fret buzzing sound.
  2. Press down harder: It could be that you need a little practice with making your fingers stronger. When you're first learning the guitar, it can seem impossible to press strings down hard enough to get rid of fret buzz, but it does get a lot easier. Keep practicing by plucking each string individually to check for buzz and try to press down as hard as you can until the buzz is gone. Soon enough, you'll wonder how you could have ever produced fret buzz on a guitar in the first place.
  3. Check to see if your strings are overly dirty. Strings with dirt, grime and oils can sound buzzy, as opposed to clean, new strings. It might be time to re-string your guitar.
  4. Check the guitar for defects. If you're sure it isn't anything you're doing wrong, your guitar may be warped in some way. If a guitar is warped, then the neck, bridge, or nut could be bent in a way that the strings are pressing down in a strange way against the fretboard. If you can locate a certain place on the neck where buzzing happens, or it happens no matter where you press down on the string, you might have to take your guitar into a shop and have it fixed.


Get rid of fret buzz

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