How To Get Rid Of Garlic Smell

If you don’t want to forgo that garlicky goodness, but are not sure how to get rid of garlic smell, read on MacDuff. While garlic is useful for many things, some folks are pretty turned off by its smell. However, if you aren’t fortunate enough to date or dine with those who love it as much as you, here are some interesting ways on how to rid of garlic smell on your breath.

Things Needed:

  • Cold Drinks
  • Lemons
  • Breath Mints
  • Herbs
  • Sauna
  1. Eat your garnish .If you happen to be in a restaurant, your first defense should be that parsley or endive on the side of your plate. Yep, unbelievably, it does more than just pretty up your food. It actually removes the garlic smell and acts as a refresher due to the high levels of chlorophyll in it. Just shove the whole sprig in and start chewing. Other herbs, such as cardamom or fennel will work just as well.
  2. Drink your tea. Ice tea, mint tea…anything cold will do. Wine (especially red) has a strong flavor and scent that will serve to mask the powerful sulfides found in garlic. A wine cooler will also temporarily get rid of garlic smell, as will shaved ice. While you’re having fun, why not shoot the moon and have some yummy ice cream? However, avoid anything hot. Hot foods and beverages will only heighten the garlic smell.
  3. Pucker up! One of the easiest ways to get rid of garlic smell off your breath is to order fresh lemonade, but make sure it’s real lemonade, as many versions have crazy amounts of actual lemon, but loaded with sugar. If you can handle it, it is even better to suck on a lemon wedge. Chew the peel too, if possible. Once you excuse yourself from the table, dab some type of scent on your neck and grab a breath meant from the host table.
  4. Take a hot shower or Sauna. When you finally arrive home, relax the pressures of the day away whilst getting rid of garlic smell by soaking in some type of steam bath. If a steam bath or Sauna is not readily available for you, spend an hour or so inside a very hot shower. It speeds up the process of removing the garlic’s sulfides that are in your bloodstream and sweat glands.


  • If you are with any breath mints or any of the things mentioned above, pop in a piece of gum. Chewing gum will dislodge small bits of food between your teeth, like garlic. It makes sense that if there are no large chunks of it stuck in your teeth, getting rid of garlic smell will be easier to do.
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