How To Get Rid Of Gas

Learn how to get rid of gas by eliminating the root cause—poor digestion. Gas is really a sign of a larger problem. By cleansing, nourishing and aiding the digestive process, it is possible to get rid of gas, not only today, but permanently.  

  1. Do a digestive cleanse. Consume only fresh juices and fresh fruit for one to two days. This will give the digestive system time to reach a state of balance while it is nourished with enzymes and nutrients. Be sure to include apple, papaya and pineapple, which are all extremely helpful for getting rid of gas.
  2. Follow an alkalizing diet. The bulk of the diet should consist of vegetables, steamed brown rice, yogurt, some fruit and miso soup for one week or more. How does an alkaline diet help to get rid of gas? The typical American diet leads to an over-acidic state. Alkaline foods will reverse this imbalance, neutralizing a build-up of acids, and providing a store of alkaline elements for the body to use.  
  3. After cleansing, limit foods that cause gas as much as possible. You don't have to give up everything, but try incorporating more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, instead of subsisting on foods that are difficult to process. This means minimizing red meat, white flour products, caffeine, refined sugars and processed foods.  
  4. Chew slowly. Now that you have a thriving digestive tract, break-down foods with chewing. Its simple, but effective.
  5. Get rid of gas with ginger. Eat ginger candy, drink ginger tea, or cook with freshly grated ginger. It will tone and aid the digestive system. Nutmeg, cloves, caraway and cinnamon are beneficial as well. Simmer these spices in water for ten minutes, strain and drink after a meal for instant gas relief.  

Gas is embarrassing; its not fun. Once its out of control, it can be very uncomfortable. Although making dietary changes may seem like a big deal for a bodily inconvenience, treating flatulence in the beginning will help prevent more serious indigestion problems as you age. Get rid of gas the right way and put your digestive system back on track.  


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