How To Get Rid Of Heat Rash

Knowing how to get rid of heat rash is important when the symptoms are overwhelming you. A heat rash will leave you feeling itchy, bumpy and unattractive. How sexy can you feel with a heat rash creeping up your arms or down your bum?

Of course, you could seek medical attention from a doctor in your quest to learn how to get rid of heat rash, but where is the fun in that? Besides, a heat rash is something easily managed right in your home. Most heat rashes go away without much work on your end.

  1. Cool it down. The easiest way to get rid of heat rash is to turn down the temperature of your air conditioner. Seems fairly easy, right? You picked up that nasty heat rash because your body's temperature went up and your sweat ducts were blocked. By staying in a cool environment for the next few days, your skin will cool down and you should be able to get rid of the heat rash.
  2. Stop the itch. If your heat rash persists, a quick trip to the pharmacy may be in order. By this point, you are more interested in treating the itching that comes along with the heat rash than the rash itself. Calamine lotion is the best product on the market for itching. Not only does it stop you from itching, calamine lotion will stop you from scratching up your lovely skin. You don't want to show up at work tomorrow with welts on your arms from clawing at a heat rash.
  3. And off to the doctor you go. A heat rash that is more severe and does not go away after cooling down may require a doctor's visit. Your doctor will be able to prescribe a topical steroid that will get rid of the heat rash. Your doctor may also recommend the use of a lanolin-based product to keep your sweat ducts from clogging up.

A heat rash is an uncomfortable experience that can make your life miserable for a few days. Although the itching is unbearable and the red bumps make you look like you were struck with some kind of plague, a heat rash can be your friend. When your loved one wants you to mow the yard, proudly point to your heat rash and let them know you have to follow medical advice and stay inside.

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