How To Get Rid Of KOTOR Multiple Zaalbar Glitch

Need to know how to get rid of KOTOR multiple zaalbar glitch? So you're playing one of the greatest games in gaming history and before you know it, you have your own case of attack of the clones. The original "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" was a commercial and financial success for BioWare, who would go on to continue their success with games like "Mass Effect", "Dragon Age", and the new "MMORPG" based on "Star Wars: The Old Republic".

But like those little gems you find at Easter and the mysteries of the universe, there was one glitch that caused players to wonder how to get rid of KOTOR multiple Zaalbar glitch. This glitch is actually a side effect of another glitch, known as the Galaxy Droid Glitch, a strange and mildly amusing occurrence that occurred for players of the first game releases for the original XBOX. So how do you avoid this from happening? What do you do to get rid of this?

  1. Make sure to save your game after every major fight or conflict. As players have reported this happening after the events of the Leviathan, make a save point here.
  2. Continue with game play
  3. Upon experiencing the glitch, go into the "Options" menu and choose to load another save point. You can also restart the game and load the previous save that way.
  4. Continue with game play, glitch free

Some players have reported that this glitch also appears during the Mysterious Box quest that you can pick up after you have completed the Secret Spice quest. When players looked in the box, this is when the weirdness began. For players who have picked up the game after its initial release, this glitch has been fixed, but you should be able to recreate it, just to see it or just for kicks. This can also be done on the PC version of the game as well.

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