How To Get Rid Of Lizards

Learning how to get rid of lizards can make you feel both safer and cleaner if you are not a fan of lizards. Just remember, it is important to realize that lizards are actually helpful. Lizards consume bugs and insects, learning how to get rid of lizards may cause an increase in the insect population around your house. Should you decide to learn how to get rid of lizards then you will need to perform the steps found in this guide. There are no commercially available lizard repellents therefore the best way to get rid of lizards is to make your house uninhabitable for lizards.


  1. Get rid of the insects. Get rid of the insects around your property as they are the primary food for lizards. To get rid of lizards you will need to remove their food source. Use commercial bug repellent to kill any insects.
  2. Prevent insects from returning. Get rid of lizards by preventing their food source from returning. Eliminate any stagnant water that could server as breeding ground for insects. Lay down insect traps or repellent to prevent the return of the insects and in turn get rid of lizards food source.
  3. Lizard proof your house. Move all furniture at least six feet from the wall. Remove any shelves or pictures on the walls that might make good hideouts for lizards. Getting rid of lizards is done best by making your house less appealing to them. Lizards love to hang on walls, shelves and behind furniture and pictures so get rid of lizards by getting rid of hiding places for lizards.
  4. Change the climate in the house. Change the climate in your house. Turn down the heat a little if you can manage. Lizards prefer warmth and by turning down your heat you will likely get rid of lizards.
  5. Secure the house. Install draft guards on doors and windows and seal off any structure cracks. Getting rid of lizards is important but so is preventing them from getting into your home again.
  6. Consider a pet. Consider getting a pet as a last resort. Cats are known enemies to lizards and having a cat will help get rid of lizards.

Tips: When getting rid of lizards try spraying cold water or hair spray on a lizard to slow it down. Consider commercial products for snakes to get rid of lizards, some work well for lizards. Onions are known to help get rid of lizards because lizards do not like the smell of onions.

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