How To Get Rid Of Love Bites

Love bites can occur at any time, so finding out how to get rid of love bites is the perfect bite of information for any couple. Love bites are bruises on the skins surface caused by sucking and biting on a person's skin. The pressure from the sucking pulls the blood capillaries closest to the surface to swell and burst. Blood is then released from the capillaries to the surrounding area, causing that red and purple bruise to form on the skin. Not everyone want's to wear their love bites as an accessory, so when that happens one of these methods can be used to eliminate them.

  1. A cold compress is best used directly after the love bite has been given. The cold compress can be made out of mini ice packs by throwing some ice cubes into a zipped lock bag, or even throwing a few spoons into the freezer. If using the ice, apply to the area for 20 minutes, then take a 5 minute break and reapply. If using the spoon, apply the flat bottom of the spoon surface to the area and gently massage. Do this a few times and change out the spoon as the heat from your neck heats up the spoon. The cold from the cold compress will reduce any swelling, and restrict the blood vessels which will help the blood from spreading from the popped capillaries.
  2. Heat is best used the day after the love bite has been given. Turn the tap water from your skin on hot, and wait for the water to heat up. Dip the corner of a cloth into the hot water and apply to the love bite. Hold the cloth on there for 5 minutes, and do this therapy a few times during the day. This adds heat to the capillaries causing them to open up and dilate. Dilated capillaries carry more blood, which means it will be flowing faster in order to break up and carry away the blood clots causing the discoloration on the skin, or bruise, where the love bite happened.
  3. Massage is another way of getting rid of love bites. Using fingers, or the end of a soft brush or even a toothbrush, rub over the love bite or bruise in soft circles. This breaks up the blood clots allowing them to move away from the bruise faster, allowing a love bite to lose it's color and heal faster.
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