How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Learning how to get rid of love handles can be easy. A little extra food can mean a few extra pounds on the waistline. Love handles are those stubborn spots on the sides of the body that bulge over pants. These fat deposits hit men and women, but they are most noticeable in men.  Getting rid of these problem areas involves cardio workouts, a good diet and targeted sit-ups and crunches.

  1. Cardio Workouts to Get Rid of Love Handles The best way to rid the body of fat including love handles is to burn it during exercise. Match a good diet along with burning fat and you can lose weight in several stubborn areas. Cardio exercise means hard workouts that raise the heart rate. The best cardio workouts to get rid of love handles are running, jogging, stair-climbing, biking and elliptical training. These exercises can burn several hundred calories in a short, 30-minute workout.
  2. The Relationship between Love Handles and Diet You can burn 300 calories while working out, but if you eat a burger and fries every day, the workout isn’t enough. The best way to lose the love handles is by incorporating a healthy diet into the equation. Focus on lean meats like chicken and fish. Instead of snacking on chips, try healthy vegetables and fruits. It’s also important to focus on a good metabolism. Eat several small meals a day to boost metabolism and supply your body with plenty of energy for daily activities.
  3. Crunches and Targeted Ab Exercises  As the fat burns away on your love handles, you can create more definition by doing daily sit-ups that target the oblique muscles. These muscles are on both sides of your abdominal area. Doing three sets of approximately 20-30 crunches a day can target these muscles and tone the stomach area. Do these exercises before or after your cardio workout for the best results.

Incorporate these three practices in your daily activities and the love handles will burn away in weeks. You’ll see a firmer, trimmer tummy that fits into pants and trousers much more comfortably. 

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