How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Is there a good way to get rid of man boobs? Man boobs are an embarrassing problem for many men. Most women find them unattractive, and man boobs don't look good under your clothing. It's estimated 10% of the male population must endure man boobs .So what are the causes of man boobs, and what can be done to get rid of them? There are three major factors that cause man boobs.

  1. Puberty is the first factor.. Much to the chagrin of 15 year old boys, male breasts can develop during puberty. Around that age, nipples may swell and appear a little pointy. They may be tender and even a shirt might irritate the chest. Don't boys have enough to worry abut during that life altering time?  The man boobs should go away after puberty is over, but, if they don't, there are medications which may work. In extreme cases, breast reduction surgery might be considered.
  2. The second factor that may cause man boobs is medication. If a drug you're taking contains cimetidine, finasteride, or spironolactone, it's possible production of the female hormone estrogen will occur. This can cause female characteristics such as large boobs in men. If this is troubling to you, check with your doctor to see if another medication can be substituted that doesn't involve estrogen production.
  3. The last factor that causes man boobs is being overweight. A human body will store fat where ever it can. Along with a big belly, where many men store most of their excess fat, man boobs can happen. Dieting to lose weight and exercising to get rid of the fat all over your body will help you shed those man boobs. While most trainers will tell you that you can't spot exercise, an overall decrease in body fat will cause your man boobs to go away.

While it may be comforting to go to the Internet and look at famous people who sport man boobs, and even though misery loves company, your man boobs might still haunt you. But please be careful of websites that offer expensive solutions to the man boob problem. The facts are that if you lose weight, your man boobs will probably disappear, along with your belly fat. If dieting and exercise don't work, then it's vital to check with your doctor to see if a hormone imbalance or medication might be a problem. There is no easy answer to body issues. If you want to get rid of man boobs, you need to eat better and get off that couch and exercise. Remember though, like with many of our physical imperfections, they aren't as noticeable to other people as they are to us. Wearing dark colors or layering one shirt over another may make you feel more comfortable in the meantime.


Man Boobs

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