How To Get Rid Of Moles On Your Face

Moles can be quite an unattractive sight, especially if they are on the face; this article will teach you how to get rid of moles on your face. Moles are usually permanent and uncomfortable to live with. Sometimes they are removed for  beauty or aesthetic reasons or to help with self-esteem. There are natural and medical ways of removing moles permanently from the face. If you want to remove your moles medically, make sure you have them checked by a dermatologist to confirm that they are not cancerous. If they are all clear, then following some easy procedures with your dermatologist will help rid you of them.

  1. Make an appointment to see your dermatologist. Have the mole examined and cleared of any suspicion.
  2. The unsightly mole can be removed through excision. The doctor may cut out the mole and sew the skin surrounding it closed. Once healed, the scar will be barely visible.
  3. Lasers are another effective way of removing a mole. Lasers target the mole's pigment by breaking it up. Many sessions are required for laser treatment to completely remove the mole. There is a danger of some scarring, but with the latest techniques that is now only a remote possibility.
  4. Cauterizing is another method of mole removal. Your dermatologist will shave the mole off with a sharp instrument, quite similar to a razor. Then the mole and its remains are cauterized. Once healed, your skin will have a faint scar which will fade away in time.
  5. Remember, it is of vital importance to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding aftercare. Keep your skin clean and free from makeup and sweat until the scars are healed. These moles were on your facial skin, and with good care scars will be reduced, and in no time your skin will be mole-free and scar-free.


National Cancer Institute

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